Turn Your Childs Photo Into A Coloring Page!

Make your child his or her own coloring page

Make your own coloring page

I had a friend come over with her little one who is about the same age as my little boy and we were trying to think of a fun art project to do with them. As we were hand drawing pictures that they could practice staying in the lines, I remembered that I have an app on my iphone that will make a drawing of a picture.

We had so much fun with this “art project”! I wish I would have taken pics while the kids were coloring, but didn’t think to share until afterward. This wouls be a great homeschool project for any age!

I’m not sure if other smart phones have this app, but iPhones do. The app is called “Photo Lab”.

Once downloaded, open the app:

                  photo lab

Click Fancy photo filters:

            fancy photo filters

Choose the image with the sun (the drawing):

select photo type

You will then select your photo (no photo for this). Then crop and Process:

Crop and process

Your photo will then be ready to save, click the send button where the sun is:

send photo

Save to Gallery :

     send to gallery

Now you can load your pics to your computer and print. The good thig is, you don’t need a color printer!

Note: I know for many of you who are a whiz with iPhone apps, there are some who are not, so that is why I have shown step by step instructions 🙂

Post contributed by Audry Godwyn who is a guest blogger for BloomEE. She is the author of A Nutritional Makeover and blogs over at anutritionalmakeover.com where you can find many articles about natural living, health information and lots of real food recipes.


2 comments on “Turn Your Childs Photo Into A Coloring Page!

  1. I tried to do this once for a coloring party my friend was having. I wanted to make coloring pages specifically for each participant, but I couldn’t find pictures that had the right lighting for it. You’ve inspired me to try again! Thanks, Bloom!

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