Turn Your Childs Photo Into A Coloring Page!

Make your child his or her own coloring page

Make your own coloring page

I had a friend come over with her little one who is about the same age as my little boy and we were trying to think of a fun art project to do with them. As we were hand drawing pictures that they could practice staying in the lines, I remembered that I have an app on my iphone that will make a drawing of a picture.

We had so much fun with this “art project”! I wish I would have taken pics while the kids were coloring, but didn’t think to share until afterward. This wouls be a great homeschool project for any age!

I’m not sure if other smart phones have this app, but iPhones do. The app is called “Photo Lab”.

Once downloaded, open the app:

                  photo lab

Click Fancy photo filters:

            fancy photo filters

Choose the image with the sun (the drawing):

select photo type

You will then select your photo (no photo for this). Then crop and Process:

Crop and process

Your photo will then be ready to save, click the send button where the sun is:

send photo

Save to Gallery :

     send to gallery

Now you can load your pics to your computer and print. The good thig is, you don’t need a color printer!

Note: I know for many of you who are a whiz with iPhone apps, there are some who are not, so that is why I have shown step by step instructions 🙂

Post contributed by Audry Godwyn who is a guest blogger for BloomEE. She is the author of A Nutritional Makeover and blogs over at anutritionalmakeover.com where you can find many articles about natural living, health information and lots of real food recipes.


How to Keep Toddlers Entertained While Mama is Busy

play dough activities

Being a mother of 5 is not a challenge for me, it’s the alone time with my toddler, so this article is dedicated to him  🙂

Being a WAHM (work at home mom) I run into plenty of challenges with my toddler who is constantly moving around. I have designated a large wooden box for him to play in when he is using messy toys such as play dough, crafts and coloring. I am sharing what my toddler loves to do to hopefully give ideas to other moms who may benefit.

play dough play box

Please add you comments with more ideas for inspiration!

Here is a list of common activities my toddler loves to do that will keep him entertained for at least a couple hours if I time it right:

  • Color in a book (although he doesn’t stay in the lines, or on the book!)
  • Play dough with tools (a classic)
  • Cut with special scissors that only cut paper (genius whoever created those)
  • Look at books (this usually only distracts about 10 minutes)
  • Play with toys (I keep the toys up high and let him choose 3 at a time so they rotate and he doesn’t get bored)
  • Naps! Great time to focus, I even do some work on my iPhone while I lay him down.
  • Play in the backyard (this is not always a good distraction for him because he is always wanting to interact with me and his findings, so this is more of a mommy and me moment)
  • When I really need a moment to concentrate, as a last resort, I’ll put on a movie (I hate doing this because I don’t want him to get used to it)

Since I work at home, I like to make sure I get plenty of together time with the little one. I make sure that we do at least 3 outing a week. Here are some of the places we go:

  • Park (we switch it up and are always trying new ones).
  • Pump it up, which is an indoor bounce house fun zone. This one is fun for mama too
  • Zoo
  • Library, story time
  • Pop in play time a young kids gymnastic center

Besides the outings, I take him for walks 5 days of the week in the early mornings.

What are your toddlers favorite activities? Please share.

Written by Audry Godwyn who is a woman of BloomEE and blogs over at A Nutritional Makeover

Natural Dye and Scented Play Dough

play dough natural dye

What You Will Need:

For every 1 Cup of water, use 2 Tbs. of chopped or mashed vegetable, fruit, berries or herb.

To make:

  1. Bring water and what ever you are using as dye to a boil, then simmer for about 10 minutes or longer; you can tell by the color of the water.
  2. Strain and make sure the water is very hot before you add it to your dough mixture.

Natural Coloring For Play Dough

Red and Pink – Beet, Raspberries and strawberries
Orange – carrots (or carrot juice)
Yellow – sweet potato, turmeric, saffron, golden beets
Green – spinach and Kale
Purple – red cabbage, blackberries, and grape  juice
Tan – cinnamon cocoa and coffee grounds
Off White – Place a dash of vanilla extract with the plain dough

Scents to add:

NOTE: You can divide this recipe into 4 so you can make 4 different colors.

Play Dough Recipe:

  • 1 cup flour
  • 1/4 cup salt
  • 1 cup boiling water (that has been dyed, if you want color)
  • 1 tablespoon vegetable oil
  • 1 Tbs white vinegar or cream of tartar

Mix all the ingredients together in a bowls and stir constantly until play dough forms.